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Well today at haspin acres I raced a 700R with slip on (dont know the brand) filter, and PC III. It was on a 300' dirt strip. The first time we raced he told me to start so I yelled go and launched in 2nd and by the end i was about 1.5-2 lengths ahead of him. The second time we raced he yelled go got the jump and stayed about 2-2.5 lengths ahead of me. My brother in law wanted to race so i got off and let him get on the back and race the 700R, well lets just say my brother in law isnt use to my bike and got like 10-15 lengths. All in all i was impressed with the dos equis to keep up that well with a modded 700R. Oh im all stock.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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