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not sure where to put this as it could deal with any number of parts on the xx....

i just wanted to put to geather some awsome mods for say under 200 bucks that would...

1 ) not be a wast of money
2) help every one out during the hard times

hey we all love to mod, right ? but we all dont have money for elka shocks or any wild stuff... some of us do and thats great, most of us dont so.
any way leading off the only thing i have done that was under two hundred that actully helped my quad and wasnt just bling have been the following
power madd star series brush guards 35 shiped from ebay
protaper grips 13 locally, grips are a prefrence thing so i think they helped some my think they dont
i did a black line bumper 109 shiped it helped with the brush a little but not much

iam currious about various things such as.
better drive chains
anti vibe inserts or ???
proarmor skid protection is 95 for the full 85 for subframe
brake lines front and rear 40 rear 60 front
the matlock racing graphics will be cool at 100 and some change ( i think )
and i did have that post on the "98 cent mod"

22 10 11 razrs are 94 dollars each

some times its nice to stretch your dollar, and the silly things can be the most fun to do so.

iam currious what all others have done for under 200

not sure where to post this cause it is a general thing so if it needs moved by all means


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Yeah, I just put my 13T sprocket on so I'm gonna see how I like that this weekend. :)

I also got a pair of Fasst Vibration inserts which seem to help out a lot if you replace your bars (about $60).
I'm not sure what those metal pieces inside the stock handlebars are, but they seemed like some sort of vibration inserts. When I replaced my handlebars with my Flexx bars, which are hollow, I got a LOT of vibration. So a good purchase IMO.

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If ur runnin stock bars they already got anti-vibe inserts form the factory, and I have a HMF programmer for sale for 175 shipped. If ur intrested. The sprocket, and filter is a great "cheap mod". That should be el numerio uno on the list along with a programmer! Even if u dont have a exhaust.

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i got the 3d power tip for 56 its more of a bling factor than power but it did make it sound a bit more throtty.

oh and hid kits on ebay 70ish a bit of wire moding but better than 300
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