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Yeah thats great..... Except I did that before I asked these questions and didnt find the answers I was looking for. Mainly because the lids are used for performance and mine I was looking more toward water comming in or not. Especially because the XX lid is different than the many others with that big forward facing scoop. Isnt that what a forum for? To get answers for questions geared more toward your specific application? hmmmm
Well lets check...

Did I come off as being rude? Maybe I should have used a corny smiley emotican to express my humor. I'll edit my post.


Well now. That even makes me feel better. :nuts:

Sorry I cannot answer your original question though, I sold my kit before I attempted to install it. I do not find it worthy of the expense.

:D Yours Truly :D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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