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Elka shocks

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Anyone else besides me think the rears are a little too stiff for someone that weighs 168lbs? I ride at tower city and there are little rocks, BIG rocks, and every size of freaking rock in between littered everywhere and they still manage to beat the snot outa me, ESPECIALLY when going a little slower, say 10-20mph.

Was thinking about a set of elkas, 1150 shipped if I get them with the fiances rear elka.
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I'm 255-265 (depending on how close it is to the holidays) and they seem fine.

Can't you adjust them?

The adjusters for the preload of the spring on my bike came all the way down, loose... so not really :( I did not see any comp or rebound adj. on them.
I would agree that they are definitely stiff. I'm riding at about 205-210 and they are stiff. But I think that helps keep it from getting excessive body roll as well, so you wouldn't want them too soft. But if you've got the money for a set of Elka's, I'd say go for it!
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