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Here at WiigStyle Racing we also offer engine services and modifications. We have been building engines for the 700xx. I have 5 different engine mods available.

1. Stock engine rebuild. This uses all stock components to refresh your engine.

2. Stage 1: Hi-Compression Piston, Stage 1 Cam, Hi-Flo Filter.
**Note** Slip-on exhaust recommended (many exhaust systems available at WiigStyle Racing)

3. Stage 2: Hi-Compression Piston, Stage 2 Cam, Hi-Flo Filter, Port, Polished, and Flow bench tested Cylinder Head.
**Note** Exhaust required, Ignition box required

4. Stage 3: Hi-Compression Piston, Stage 3 Cam, Hi-Flo Filter, Port, Polished and Flow bench tested Cylinder Head, Full Exhaust System, Programmable Ignition Box (settings available from WiigStyle Racing), Stainless or Titanium Valve/Spring Kits
**Blue Printed, Balanced, and Welded Crankshaft recommended**
**Connecting rod and pin recommended**

5. WR52 Engine **For the serious dune and drag racing people**

730 Engine Kit, Custom ground cam, Hi-Flo Filter, Bored throttle body, Port, Polished, Flow Bench Tested Head, +1mm valve kit, guides, seats, ti-springs, Programmable ignition box, Blue printed, welded, and balanced crankshaft w/connecting rod and pin. Full Exhaust system.
**NOTE** I also recommend an ISF treatment on the transmission to keep interference at a minimum.

Please contact Josh at WiigStyle Racing for more information.

WiigStyle Racing
Tel: 712-621-5191
E-Mail: [email protected]
Text me at 712-621-5191

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how much for a stage 1 kit?
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