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Lol at the "english " debate on the "tire size" thread..
Tyre is what the whole world uses exept usa..(for whoever it was that asked)
Tire is tired, as in need some sleep, or some of you may tire at dragging this up again... :nuts:
So what do you use in usa for tired or tire ?

Another one that has caught engineers out (american ones) is the use of mill.
Could tell you a story where a rather expensive piece of kit got sent to the states to be finished and it was wrongly assumed that the mill measurements were imperial, it all ended in wrongly fitting parts and a rather expensive explosion !

Now much of the world uses metric so mill is short for millimetre, but in the states a mill is 1/1000th of an inch.

We are all metricated here nowadays yet tyre/tire sizes for cars carry a combination of both, ie 185/70x13 ?
Uk still sells boats in feet as it sounds longer than metres ;)

Would be interesting to know how such words as tire (rubber) and color (colour) which came from the english language ended up being spelt differently !
humour/humor .. favourite/favorite.. theatre/theater.. kilometre/kilometer cosy/cozy... realise/ realize.. dialogue/dialog.. traveller/traveler.. cheque/check.. jewellery/jewelry..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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