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Ethanol in Gas

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I haven't seen this posted on here at all, so I thought I would let every one know something I found out last winter. For all of you that have ethanol in your gas, you should be worried if you let your quads/bikes/small engines sit too long. I stopped in a sled shop last winter to get some carbides for my CAT, and was BSing with the guys about anything and everything. They were a small shop, and they had 17 sleds in there I think all with blown engines. They said that it was due to the ethanol seperating from the gas (I guess kind of like how was does if there is air in there and you let them sit for a while). I realize that it is now winter, and I am sure some people aren't riding their quads quite as much, which a lot of people don't ride their sleds in the summer time (unless you ride across lakes like me :)). Anyway, they said that when you run straight ethanol after the gas is used up, that it is like running straight NOS into your engine. I am not up to par that much really and all the workings of engines (I am a NUKE), but I know enough what that means. So they were advertising this stuff, and for the life of me I can't remember, but tomorro when I go race, I will look in my trailer and post again what its called, but it is suppose to either eat up the ethanol (like stabil does to water I think) or recombine it back with the gas. I just thought I would give you all a heads up if you are from a place that uses ethanol like the Northeast. The guy said they were having the same problem with boats as well. I haven't looked at my quad enough to know if there is a simple drain on it (like there are on the bottom of carbs) to drain any out, but I put this stuff in all the time like its a religion. Hope this helps anyone, and if anyone has any questions, I am sure one of the fine people on here that have more of an idea of what it could do can explain it to you.

It is called Startron, and STABIL has a version as well. It is a Enzyme fuel treatment.,en/
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I use Sea Foam in every single tank all year long. Ethanol fuel is also Hygroscopic just like brake fluid. In a vented fuel system, if the fuel isn't used up, water collects and will also do damage to the engine.
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