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Me and my buddy went here over the weekend. It has been almost 10yrs since I have been there and alot has changed. This is a place where an inexperienced rider can get over there head really fast. Trails are tight and are limited to 50" or under atvs. Alot of the trails were rutted by 4x4's pretty good requiring ground clearance. My buddy was always hanging up and couldn't try to many hill because of the ruts. Came upon a group of about 5 4x4's, and 2 raptors(both 660). The raptors were having trouble getting thru a spot that was rutted and required turning between 2 trees to go thru. The 4x4's went through the mud. Well we got the raptors through and they wanted to see how mine did. Never bottomed out, took me about 6 sec compared to there 5 minutes. If you have a good 4x4 and better tires the is mud everywhere.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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