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I recently had some work done to my truck, and was in need of new shocks and stabilizers as well. I had originally thought of buying these on my own, as I wanted a certain brand. My mechanic went ahead and replaced my stabilizer, but I had already purchased these online....

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This is a brand new Rough Country dual steering stabilizer kit for the 99-04 Ford Super Duty F-250 or F-350 4x4. This will fit an Excursion as well. It includes all brackets and hardware which are zinc coated, new bushings and sleeves, (2) new steering stabilizers with decals. These are mounted in opposition to each other in line with your steering linkage[/FONT] and can be mounted with or without a lift kit. I have no need for them, and could really use some help getting rid of them. $85 + shipping...

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