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Parents charged in infant's gruesome death

Meghan Davis
Published: June 13, 2011
A young couple are facing charges after the remains of their newborn daughter were discovered in a wooded area of Wayne County on Friday.
Christopher Fitzpatrick and Jennifer Barrise, both 20-year-old residents of the Hideout in Lake Ariel, were arrested on Friday after investigators found the baby's body in a wooded area behind M n' D Lawn & Tree Care at 1178 Hamlin Highway, Lake Ariel, where Fitzpatrick works, according to a criminal affidavit.
Ms. Barrise, identified as Fitzpatrick's girlfriend, gave birth to the baby in a car on May 28, the affidavit said. Fitzpatrick's 11-year-old sister was also in the car, saying she heard the baby crying after the birth.
Wayne County District Attorney Michael Lehutsky said Fitzpatrick took the baby behind M n' D, put her on the ground and dropped a cinder block on the newborn twice, killing her.
Charges against him include criminal homicide, concealing the death of a child and two counts of the abuse of a corpse. State police in Honesdale confirmed late Friday evening that Ms. Barrise also was charged with criminal homicide and concealing the death of a child.
Fitzpatrick told police he drove his girlfriend and sister back to the Hideout, leading the two to believe he was taking the baby to a hospital for safe haven, court records said. Instead, state police say he drove back to M n' D, killed his daughter behind the building and buried the body there.
During a May 29 family gathering, Fitzpatrick allegedly admitted to his uncle, Justin Fitzpatrick, that he had taken the baby into the woods behind where he works and buried her there.
He also told his parents, Scott and Michelle Fitzpatrick, that he committed the murder, after initially telling them he had dropped the baby off at a local hospital, the affidavit said, and told his mother that he and Ms. Barrise could not take care of the baby.
Fitzpatrick and Ms. Barrise have a 1-year-old child together, the affidavit said.
A relative of Fitzpatrick told the Sussex County Sheriff's Department in New Jersey that they were concerned about the welfare of the baby, and that touched off a state police investigation which ultimately uncovered the child's remains, according to Dunmore-based spokesman Trooper Bill Satkowski.
Fitzpatrick was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Jane Farrell before being sent to Wayne County Prison. He is being held without bail on the homicide charge, Lehutsky said.


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whats sad is the women has a 1 year old from him and 3 boys from other man... this is why some peole should not be allowed to breed! It is such a sin...


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At that stage you can just go to a hospital, church, or police station and relinquish custody of the child! WTF!?!?!? That is just retarded!

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he said that was what he was doing but instead killed the infant... its just sick!


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This was a few blocks away from where I live:

Reported by: Abbie Alford
Email: [email protected]
Updated: 11/05/2010 10:27 pm Published: 11/05/2010 9:55 am

A Bartlesville mother is behind bars after baby was found lifeless in her washing machine.Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland says Lyndsey Fiddler, 26, is charged with Second-Degree Manslaughter.
Thursday night around 7:42 police say they found 10-day-old Maggie May Fiddler unresponsive after being put on a full cycle in a washing machine.
FOX23’s Abbie Alford talked to the woman who reportedly discovered the baby.
The baby’s aunt, Rhonda Coshatt says she found the baby in the washing machine. However, police say the mother blames the aunt for the child’s death.
Maggie May, a newborn who didn’t have a fighting chance at life.
“She was ten days old, Maggie May,” says Coshatt.
Now Maggie is gone.
“I couldn’t find the baby. And I looked I was trying to wake Lyndsey up and I couldn’t wake her up. I was screaming at her, ‘where is the baby, where is the baby?’” says Coshatt.
Then the great aunt heard a noise.
“About that time I heard the washer on the spin cycle,” says Coshatt. “I went and I looked in that washer and Maggie was in there, Maggie was in there and she was dead. I knew she was dead,” says Coshatt.
That’s when Fiddler supposedly woke up and called 011.
“A mother frantically saying her baby was dead. She said, ‘My aunt killed my baby.’ Words to that effect and another lady said, ‘You killed your baby, I didn’t kill your baby,” says Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland.
The aunt says the mother denied doing the laundry.
“She kept saying you put the laundry in, you put the laundry in,” says Coshatt.
Police say they’ve dealt with Lyndsey Fiddler before last night’s incident.
Washington County Sheriff deputies arrested Fiddler on Friday before being charged in connection to the child’s death.
Records show she had a warrant for Failure To Appear on drug charges.
Holland says in his 40 years of service he’s never investigated such a tragedy.
“You couldn’t write this into a fictional script. It is beyond my level of comprehension on how this could happen,” says Holland. “It took the wind out of our sails.”
The aunt believes it was accident.
“She was putting laundry in the basket and she had Maggie in her arms and I think somehow or another she ended up in the washer,” says Coshatt.
Fiddler is the only person charged in connection to Maggie’s death. The case is still ongoing. The aunt tells FOX23 News Fiddler had two boys, an eight-year-old boy and five-year-old boy living inside the home.
Police say the boys were taken into DHS custody.
DHS says in any case where a suspicious child death has occurred in a home the children are taken into state custody to make sure the children are safe.
Under Oklahoma law, DHS has thirty days to respond to a request made for person’s DHS history when charged in connection to a baby death.
FOX23 e-mailed an official request to DHS on Friday afternoon.


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I cant understand how anyone could kill someone let alone a child... its heart breaking.


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I tend not to read stuff like this because "bad things happen to good people"
But I would go for 11 ,50lb blocks
2 for ankles
2 for knees
1 for gonadds
2 for wrists
2 for elbows
2 for shoulders.

Throw him a mobilephone and let him call "911"
Just my pennies worth. :D
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