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I have for sale a pair of brand new Fox Float Evol, these shocks were only mounted on a quad once, but never ridden; I friend and I both bought a pair each for our 700XX's but I ended up selling mine before I even bought the A-arms to mount them. I'm just trying to get rid of them because they're just sitting in their box in my room with no plans of buying another XX in the near future ($).

As for my friend, he has his pair installed on his 700XX with houser LT maximum clearance a-arms, I've teamed up with him in a couple of desert races down in baja and let me tell you, these shocks are the best I've ever raced on by far!, I love them, it feels like a cadillac on whoops, rocks and roots, arm pump is not a problem, if there's a shock out there that outperformed any other elka shock I've ever tested is gotta be these Fox Evols, hands down.

I huge advantage is that they don't have to be sent for servicing like a regular spring shock which saves lots of $$, they can adjust to pretty much any weight by just messing with the air chambers very easily; manual, pump, bearings and stickers included; like I said brand new off the box. I'm asking 1,300 USD or best offer; these babies retail for 1,500 USD or more.
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