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I read this about a Fox air shock modification on another site...

The FOX air shox use nitrogen for the spring to change spring rates you adjust the amount of oil inside the reservoir body to do this you need to remove the nitrogen and valve stem or end cap, pour in more oil in the reservoir, cap it up and recharge the shock with nitrogen, by adding my adjustable end cap I can adjust a screw and increase or decrease the volume of the reservoir body and change the spring rates (compression ratio)with a turn of a wrench.

On second site, I was told this will not work because...

Remote rezzy on air shocks, moves the nitrogen/oil separation from the shock to the reservoir. That means the entire volume of oil displaced by a 1.25" shaft has to flow through a 1/8" NPT fitting. The oil can't move through that fitting so the suspension cannot move faster than when that flow maxes out.

So will this modification work or will it just trash a set of Fox shocks???
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