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Less force/weight is directed towards the ground by elevating the front....
This in mind...
1. Our tires are run at low psi, compress, and grip well.
2.When we brake or initiate a turn the front suspention is going to "dive" a bit placing the front of the bike lower than the rear of the bike.(realativly) Not to mention our low psi tires compress further lowering the bike.
3.This is due to the new force (direction change) applied to the bike. If the front is slightly lower than the rear, or has too much weight on it, the tire want to grip and turn however the rear wheels under power want to track forward or still.
4.Thus you get a force (vector) that wants to push the vehicle forward and into the ground (now that the vehicle is no longer using all of its power to go staight, some of that enegy is focused down into the ground....moments before and during a turn)

...this resistance to turning (pushing down and into the ground...still going staight is)...or... "pushing."

Therefore, If we raise the frontend of our bikes via....umm...larger tires when we brake or initiate a turn the front starts off higher and stays proportionally higher thus vectoring less force into the ground and the tires are able to change the direction of the vehicle without fighting the momentum of the bike going forward. Granted as with everything if we keep going bigger and bigger we are going to run into a situation where we don't have enough weight on the front tire to turn the vehicle and thus creating a similar issue. (all about moderation)

I don't know if that will help you...its about as clear as mud but the best I could do right now. its been a horribly long day.

oh and sorry about the horrible spelling....just dont care right now

Wow, i feel like i just finished a episode of Mythbusters... lol j/k. That is a very good description. I can attest that its true, the 23's help. On my first few rides with the 700 i experienced this push, and didn't like it (i thought i was just inexperienced at riding a quad with IRS). I read what people were saying about the 23's on the front and thought what the hell, ill try it. I was experiencing the push about 1 outa every 3 turns at The Ridge. With the 23's i haven't experienced it one single time. I'm not a Scientist or a Engineer so i wont try to go technical about it, but i will say that they work.
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