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Check a few things before ordering a new injector-

1. Make sure your fuel filter is clean.

2. Unplug the fuel line just before it enters the injector. Turn the key on to make sure the fuel pump is working and supplying pressure (make sure you aim the line into something to catch the fuel) to the injector.

3. Check all the electrical plugs leading to the injector and throttle body. There is a plug underneath the throttle body that will allow it to run but will bog down or appear to run out of gas when you hit the throttle if it becomes loose or unplugged.

4. Remove the injector from the throttle body and make sure it is not plugged. Sometimes small fine pieces of dirt can get by the filter and this will clog the injector. You can use some carb cleaner to try to remove this dirt.

5. If you have an aftermarket fuel programmer check all the routing of the wires to make sure there are no cuts or breaks anywhere. If there are this will cause it to die out, backfire or run bad.
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