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GNCC Type II Bumper

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I will be getting my DG GNCC Type II Bumper tomorrow. I got the Black Powder coated one. I can't wait.
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Be sure to post some pics when everything is on. I'm considering the pro armor nerfs.
I ordered my Pro Armor nerfs about a month ago. They are supposed to ship the first week of January.
I've come to accept that nearly everything besides gas and oil is on backorder, waiting to be made or in development for the 700xx.

Well, except mufflers those seem to be doing better than most other things.

I found that Rocky Mountain ATV now has an IMS Tank for the 700xx in red. 4.8 gallons...woot.


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I will post pics when I get everything on. It will not be until after Christmas because we are going to wrap most of it so that my boys can give them to me for Christmas.

Here is a list of everything that I need to put on:

-Yosh Pipe
-DG GNCC Type II Bumper
-UNI Air filter
-Pro Armor Nerfs (when I get them)
-To be powder coated black Rims (next week...I think I may put Maxxis front tires on the powder coated rims)
-Rezzi shocks off of a 2008 Suzuki 450 (it they work, the Rezzi's might hit the plastic but I am going to try them)


Well I got my DG bumper on this last weekend. It looks great. I will get some pics when I get everything on.

What fuel controller are ya runnin?
Nothing Yet. I have not decided yet. I haven't been able to get out and ride it yet because there are no wheels on it yet. I just got them powder coated black and ordered new Maxxis tires for the front.
I'm thinking about going with the ITP GNCC's for the fronts now. I had thought I would get the Razr 2 with the idea of getting matching rears (Razr's), but I think that I'm going to swap out the fronts for this year and see what comes available over the next year for the rears. I don't really have a problem with the rears other than the fact that they puncture too easily. I think that too much traction in the rear of the XX may not be a good thing. The GNCC's are a great tire. My buddy has them on his Outlaw and loves them. It turns real nice, I can tell you that.

I am looking forward to your impressions of the Razr's on the front!
Couldnt you guys go 12" rims? Arent there more desireable tires available in a 12?
Couldnt you guys go 12" rims? Arent there more desireable tires available in a 12?

Not unless you want to go to a 23" tire, or even bigger. I don't think that there are a lot of good options as far as 23" tires go either.

Right now, your options for the XX are the stock 22" for the 11-inch rim or there are a few options for a 22" that will fit a 10-inch rim. ITP has the XCT and Kenda makes a 22-inch tire as well. I'd be more inclined to go to a 10-inch rim and 22's in leiu of going to a 12" rim and 23's. But I think I'm going to stick with the 11-inch rim. You can get the Dunlop stock tire,Maxxis will have the Razr out soon, and Kenda is working on a 11"/22" combo too, but they said it won't be out until 2010!
Here is a Pic Finally



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real nice i hope you dont mind but i may have to get that bumper i realy like it where did you get it?
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