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Goodbye Juice Box, Hello....

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Power Commander.
If anyone has any maps for the 700, please email them to me at [email protected]

It will be 2 weeks till I can score dyno time for the custom one.

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Here's what's on Dynojet's website:

M133-000 Zero map 96 KB

M133-001 Stock exhaust, Stock air filter 96 KB

M133-002 Stock exhaust with baffle insert removed, Stock air filter, Air box lid removed 96 KB

M133-003 FMF Speed slip-on exhaust, Stock air filter 96 KB

M133-ALL All available maps 96 KB

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Also, I don't like how short the wires are. I wanted to put mine in the airbox or something like that.

Where'd you get yours?

Where'd you get yours?

Ebay. I would have to find the store it came from though.
I'd foregore the custom tuning and get ahold of Bo for your map. Mine is flawless. I'm sure they might get another 1/10th of a horsepower out of it with a custom tune but you'll never feel the difference between his and theirs by the seat of your pants and you can spend that custom dyno tune money on other things. Just my opinion.
Not to say there is anything wrong with Bo's map but there needs to be maps made for XX from dyno tuning. The head design and bolt-ons differ from from the XX and Raptor and can cause issue's that the seat of our pants want always detect. Once some maps have been made from dyno's with different setup's on the XX then others can use them knowing its been backed up.
I didn't take your map/dyno as a slight on Bo, and I doubt that he does too. :)

Quads, like street bikes, differ quite a bit, even with the same mods. I have seen GSXR 1000's, same mods to 2 of them, have a difference in as much as 5 hp with the same map set-up.

We did 2 busa's, both with stage 2 Velocity turbo set-ups, and mapped them equal, with one making 245hp on 6lbs of boost and the other making 253 hp with the same boost.
I realize we are only talking maybe 2 hp difference with custom versus quad specific maps, so I am going to tryy to get ahold of Bo and see what maps he has for one with my mods done. Then I can compare it to one I have done in 2 weeks.

Velociraptor, Your PM inbox is full.......
Also, I don't like how short the wires are. I wanted to put mine in the airbox or something like that.
This is my idea for protecting the PCIII.
Good old Radio Shack
I would like to see the difference also. No one within 200 miles of me can do a dyno run on a quad. The nearest one to me that can is still two months out on getting the hardware to adapt his dyno to a quad. Keep us posted.
What the hell does he have to do to "adapt" a quad? If its a dual drum car dyno just make sure your wide enough so the tires will be on the rollers. If its a single drum then its even easier.
Dont know, Probably doesnt want to fool with it. I'm going to check with a shop in Chattanooga to see if they will do it. I'm going off the list of dealerships on the PCIII website that can program. But to be honest I really dont want to mess with it, it is running too good. I just got done with a really bad love /hate relationship with my Raptor (which is now in pieces being Ebay'd) and I'm enjoying being able to ride and not worry about where it was going to breakdown and how much it was going to cost to get going again (nickel and dimed me to death).
01, I did a complete overhaul on motor 50 hours ago, trans update, Hot Rod Stroker crank, 102 CP piston, Kibble white Valves and springs, Stage 3 cam, Mike at Coal Shed did the head porting, wish I had known about you at the time, I think your porting looks a lot better. The bike was awesome when it ran, I got plagued with the little things and it was always something different. The stator went out at Hatfield McCoy last year and that was it. I bought the 700XX when we got back. I was very close to getting the 700R but liked the IRS.
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