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I get about $3,000 a year for being one of the trustees on a trust fund and all I've ever done to earn this $$ is to sit in on one trustee meeting a year and add my signature to the tax forms... easy money to say the least.

I've now just about spent the money for this year on some new goodies for my 700xx. Parts ordered and on the way.

Elka Stage 3 shocks front and rear
EHS big 3 package
1. EHS EFI controler
2. EHS airbox lid
3. Barker full exhaust with black ceramic coated header
I did order both the quiet core/spark arrester and the spark arrester by itself. The quiet core/spark arrester is one piece so I wouldn't be able to run just the spark arrester without the quiet core attached... so ordered both so I could quick change. Also the EFI controler comes pre-set to this package. Will be opening up the stock air filter cage a bit for better air flow.
Can't wait till the stuff get here... Xmas all over again! :yay:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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