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Greatest Crashes...

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I know some of you guys have bit the dust pretty hard...

out with the stories and the damage!

Here's mine...

It was more or less a group effort lol. Went up a hill that it probably shouldn't have gone up and it got high centered at the top. Got it past that part, and noone was riding it, but I was behind it and Greg was at the handle bars. It was only 3 feet to the top, i told him to hop on and ride it up. He did but at the very top it went to the left and the right rear got caught in the rut again and it went up and back over on top of Greg but he wasn't seriously hurt. His hand may be swollen today. Not a big deal, i'll have the bars straightened out today
We almost had them straight yesterday on the trail, they just need tweaked a little more. Good times. We didn't realize we had an audience though till it was back on all fours.

1 Right side of handle bars bent a little bit. Straightened out with 8 foot pole.
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