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happy new years!!!!

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happy new years my fellow honda soldiers!! :D
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Admin- I thought that this was a HONDA TRX 700XX site? WTH is with all the KFX 700 posts? The entire pics section is GREEN! Don't those guys have their own sites to go to? Man I wish this thing would get here so we could actually talk about IT instead of V Forces!!
theyll be gone soon once the XX comes out. theyll go back to there own kawiriders site with tail between legs after we smoke a few. :p :lol: :D :eek:
YEah, I'm sure you've been checking out the "Competition" htread, but that has gotten completely ridiculuous. Someone over there is claiming that a Raptor is no competition for a V cuz' you cant hook up a plow or tow a trailer!! DUMB!!
Well I guess they are posting pictures because we dont have many pictures yet, which is fine. Atleast its adding something to the site. :) I'm sure when we all get our XX's though that it will all change...we won't be able to stop posting pics! :D

As long as they keep the BS in the competition forum, I have no problem with them being here.
Yeah, I was just trying to stir the pot a little cuz' those guys have taken over this site for the most part. I have no problem with that as I welcome some healthy debate! Looking forward to when we all have something to talk about!
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