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hey all i just finnished my first pair of shock covers front and rear for my xx in black, ( sorry no pix my camera is out of state till this tuesday) every thing turned out awsome so far no dust or mud has rearched the shock "stem" i have done a few trail rides and dusty roads and so far so good.... also have ridden with the guys and no stones have ripped them or any thing.

I am still testing and have talked with a girl that does silk screen printing so i can get my own letters on the covers.

I went with one layer of fabric but my try a double layer the next time around just to make them a little heavier...

pix will be up soon and a "how to" write up it is a vary cheep mod but after the printing i thing 4 shock covers will cost about 24 bucks but when they can be in your color with your text thats better then the chinese covers any day.
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