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Head to Head vs a Raptor 660

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I've heard a lot from both the raptor fans and the 700xx fans that each quad is faster and each has smoked the other. I know the raptor 700 would be a tougher race but its supposed to be nice this Sunday so I'm challenging my boss's 660 with K&N vs my stock 700xx. We are both about the same weight and he has a little more driving experience, but I'm hoping to smoke me a raptor. Also, we'd be heading out to a new location I've never ridden in so I'm hoping to get some pics while I'm out there.
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The 660s are tad bit slower than the 700s stock for stock and mod for mod so what you do with the 660 will tell ya a whole lot.
Good to know. I'm doing this all for my personal knowledge because I know you can go from forum to forum and hear all different results, but I'll post the results. Hopefully the weather holds up!
I beat a piped, filtered and jetted 660 several times on the sand bar at red river atv the first day that I had my 700xx.

I was nervous and thought for sure I would lose.

His buddies insisted he race me though, I didn't set out to race anyone that day.

Good, at least I'll have some good bragging rights around the office!!
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Well keep in mind that a good portion of drag racing is the driver, which doesn't necessarily mean I'm could mean he was just awful.

I'm not much on bragging because it always seems to bite you in the ass later.

I'm not a bragger either, we just give each other crap back and forth, all in fun, and the big thing now is who has the better quad. Yes, the driver is a big part , but it is all in fun anyway.
Now that sounds like fun to me. Make sure that when you go riding you play follow the leader and have them see how far into the mud that they can follow you.

I promise you will win.

Ha! Yeah, we'll see if the old man has the guts to go through the mud. Should be a lot of if with all the frost and snow melting. Forecast is 49 for Sunday which is incredible weather here in January.
Nebraska, but I just checked the forecast again and it is down to 41.
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With a GPS, both my XX (stock) and piped, filtered, jetted raptor 660 ran 64MPH across the same stretch of field at my house.
With a GPS, both my XX (stock) and piped, filtered, jetted raptor 660 ran 64MPH across the same stretch of field at my house.

...but the 700xx got their faster right?


I can't wait to GPS mine with all 260 pounds of me on it.

Well, finally took the 700xx out to the Imperial Sand Dunes on Monday. I went with three of my friends and their rides ('06 Suzuki 400, '07 Yamaha YFZ450R, '07 Yamaha Raptor 700).

Rode for about 4 hrs in the sand dunes and had a few close calls on some razorbacks. Well it all led up to us challenging each other going up "Competition Hill". Anyone familiar with the Imperial sand dunes and the buttercup area will know what I mean.

My 700xx is still bone stock with the knobby tires. I was also the heaviest of the riders (255 lbs + gear) and took the win each time up hill. The Suzuki and Raptor were running paddles too. Next time out I'm going to remember to bring the camera and have a friend record it.

Needless to say I love this machine and had to fight my buddies off it when they took it for a spin. They all loved the 700xx too! They all call it the "The Tank" because it has so much POWER!

CB (Yuma, AZ)
I just got my paddle tires mounted...yay!

I just got my paddle tires mounted...yay!

what rims and tires did you get?
Good kill on the hill. Thing about it is you being on knobbies and the others being on paddles says alot about their setup and riding style.
Also knobbies are better suited for top speed where paddles are not.

well im a new member and i've had an encounter with a raptor 660 and 700r! beat both of them on my stock 700xx! i haven't lost yet! here are a few victims! 07 polaris predator 500, 05 banshee with mods, 08 yzf 450 with mods! if it aint the xx i don't see it!
lost to a 700R with big 3.. by 1/2 length. I am 100% stock and only 10 hours of riding time on the engine.
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