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Welcome to the forum. I think you'll find by reading many of the threads/posts, on this forum, that there are not too many things that might go wrong with the TRX700XX. It is really rugged. However, and there is always a "however" if you stick with the stock rear tires you'll find the rears not readily available (odd size) through too many sources. The original size is pretty expensive through Honda. A number of the members have switched to a different size. Of course that's your call. The other thing you might read up on is the changing of the output shaft sprocket from a 14 tooth to a 13 tooth. This makes the lower gears more user friendly. I changed mine and it allowed me to cruise in second gear without having to constantly shift to keep the RPMs up. Some say it reduces the top speed but I haven’t noticed this because this machine goes fast enough for me. As time goes by you might even decide to change the shocks. I put on the Elka Stage 3 units and am very pleased with the ride results. Definitely majorly adjustable. All these items and any others that forum members might suggest can and should be considered after you have some experience with the XX. Your weight, riding style, type of area you wish to ride in all enter into future decision making on any modifications to the machine.
Good Luck with this fine machine and I know that IRS is outstanding and will make you smile as you hit the trails.
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