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Hello everybody! I've been on here a few weeks now, and just purchased a new 700XX yesterday. I had a 700R and it was a great machine, but ever since I saw the 700XX, I've been wanting to try one, but never knew anyone who had one. To me it looked like the perfect setup for the woods, and some of the trails I ride are rather rough in spots. It was a tough decision, but about a month ago I finally sold my Raptor to get one. Over the past several weeks I've sold off all the parts I had on it, and with some savings I was able to finally make the purchase. :D I found the best deal on one at Southern Honda in Chattanooga Tennessee Drove down there with a friend from work, and got several pictures of the Jellico area and Chattanooga, the Dealership, and more of Jellico on the way back to Kentucky.

One of the first things I plan on getting for it are some skid plates, then maybe a mounting kit for the Precision Stabilizer I kept from the Raptor.
I'm sure looking forward to riding the new beast! :rock: Trip/bd7d602e.pbw

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Congrats on the purchase
Very cool, you're our new authority on the differences between the 700r and the 700xx.



Welcome to the site.
Lots of information being passed around here for the 700XX
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