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Hi Guys,
I am in need of serious help with regard to getting hold of tires i.e Kenda Kutters XC 22x9-11.
Besides for the fact that is seems these tires are anyway hard to find, if I do find them from a store, no-one are prepared to ship them to me in Namibia(Southern Africa).
These tires are NOT AVAILABLE in South Africa - period!!
This is so frustrating, I mean I can pay via Pay-Pal, whatever, but apparently the shipping via FedEx or so are tremendous. I however suspect more unwillingness due to my location and associated politics although I have ordered some other stuff, brake pads, rear carrier etc. from the States.

Therefore, if anyone out there who can assist in obtaining these and have them shipped to me, payment upfront, it will be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]
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