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Hey guys

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hey everyone, I'm Justin. Live in Swan Hills, Alberta. picking up my 08 700xx tomorrow :)
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Welcome to the madness. Be sure to post a pic of your new ride after you pick it up, one with dirt/mud on it is preferred.
Welcome to the Club Justin, and congratulations on the new purchase! :tup:
dirty may be hard to do, theres 3 feet of snow in swan hills right now. im pretty well stuck to the groomed snowmobile trails. i'll see if i can't get it buried in the snow and take a pic though!
Welcome and I feel your pain, I got mine in Dec and I don't even have two hours on yet! But the Good news is the snow is starting to melt, about half gone here.
uh we've got about 3 months of snow left. but it wont slow me down, i'll just have to stick to the lease roads and snowmobile trails :)
gotta get used to it for dune season eh
Oh dang 3 feet. Everything recently melted last week and on Friday we got about 6 inches which on Sunday was still just soft fluffy snow and made for the best riding I have ever had. I'm completely stock including tires and was busting through 3' tall drifts by about 10' in length. There was a few hills that I couldn't quite keep up enough traction to get up but I was very surprised at how well I got around in the snow. I think I surprised all my buddies that were riding with four wheel drive engaged most of the time.
yeah the one im buying doesnt have much for tires. the stockers are about half wore. i'm looking into ordering a set of razr's immediately.

im stoked. waiting for the mother in law to come pick up the 3 yr old and then heading to the dealership. should be home, riding and frozen within 4 hours lol.

edit: nice display pic lol
got it! got home in time for an hour of riding. had to stick to the snowmobile trails and the roads.. but its got way more power than i expected lol. i had to lean into it to keep the front wheels on the ground through 2nd and 3rd gear.. haven't needed fifth yet!
the tires have maybe 30-40% tread left.. it handles fine on the snowmobile trails but sucks on ice. think i'll order some 10" ITP's this week.

so far i friggin' love it!
it hasnt had a valve adjustment since new, so its definately due for one. gonna have that done this week.
convinced the dealership to throw in a new helmet too.

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Congrats on the purchase
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