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yeah the bulbs are wrong like stated above the H6m is what you want ive had good and bad luck with the cheap ebay ones one set works great while the other set flickers all the time it is mostly because we had to splice the harness and the cheap wire didnt accept solder very well if at all

also I have a set of the ballest and igniter in one set that has a short in the casing it will ground out if touching metal i had to wrap it in electrical tape to keep it from catching my car on fire once lol I would stick to the standared slim ballest

as far as color I run 6000k and love them plenty brite with a slite blue tint
5000 is pure wite and the brightest so it all depends on what you want if you dont care how brite it is you just want the color 8000 or 10000 may be better for you they will still be brighter than stock but have alot more color to them
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