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I thought I'd write a review of one of the areas that I ride. Hollister Hills SVRA in northern California near Hollister, CA. The off road area is a state park and patrolled by park rangers and sits right on top of the San Andreas fault. First, I'll give you 2 links below... One is to their "official" web site and the other is the web page from "riderplanet"....

Now for my impression... The park consists of 2 main areas... The upper ranch and the lower ranch. The upper ranch is for 4wd Jeeps and trucks and such... If you get the Outdoor channel in your area, check out the program "Top Truck Challenge" which is filmed there. There is also a GP track there and is used for special events... such as MX races and recently a CMC event that I attended and tried hard to embarrasses myself at.

But it's the lower ranch that's for ATVs and dirt bikes. About 3,400 acres and 85 miles of trails ranging from very kid friendly green trails to the "oh shit" black diamond... you know, the trail that you either make it or eat it... big time. About 90-95% of the trails are one way and the only small sections that are 2 way are very wide, straight and flat... usually just a crossover section or split. The eastern section consists of lower hills and adobe clay... can be very fast in areas. However, since this area is easier, there can and usually is family groups on the trails with slower kids. Haul ass, but be on the lookout for slow riders. Because of the clay surface, this area can get quite muddy after rains... like coating the trail with grease... very slick. The western section has few green trails and is for the most part rated as moderate... The moderate rating can be misleading on some of the trails or sections of the trails in this area. Parts of even the moderate trails in this area perhaps should be a black diamond. Mud is not a problem in the western trails... This surface is decomposed granite... hard packed with some loose coarse sand like stuff on top. Steeper and higher hills with more turns, ruts and generally rougher trails. There are several black diamond hill climbs... some I've done and some I said... hell no!
There are many camping areas with good shade, fire pits and picnic tables. The camping areas are easy to get into with even the largest 5th wheel and such. All also have flush toilets and two of them have showers. There is also a small store at Lodge Camp.
Hollister Hills also has 6 different tracks. 2 MX tracks for dirt bikes and one for ATVs. I've posted pics from the ATV track here before. There is also a TT track and a Vintage track. For kids, there is a mini track and a kids play trail area. One note here... The ATV track is not groomed very much... about the most they do is water the track every now and then to keep the dust down. Track is hard pack.
The whole area can be quite dusty when it's dry... which is most of the time in California.

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