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Honda-released video of TRX700XX

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Just click on "video" on the right. It's pretty damn cool! I can't wait now!
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Ive seen that before. I must admit, It looks alot better in the video then it does in pictures. I think it will surprise everyone. Its one of those deals where it will look amazing in person. You just have to wait and see for yourself. I for one cant wait to sling a leg over it!!!!
i agree it will look amazing in person.
and just think how great it will look with some trimmed up plastic, hiper wheels, new tires, a graphics kit and exhaust. This will be one of the sickest looking machines out there!!!!

honda rules.
yes it will be a great looking machine once modified and tricked out!
yep looks about right. :) I've already ridden one breifly and its quite amazing.
how did it feel with the IRS? does it left the wheels up easily? tell us more man!!!
Come on Brian!!!!!!!!! Quit being such a tease :D You are killing us hear :shock:
youd never catch me jumping a ute like that! :eek: :shock:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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