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Enclosed trailer, holds 8 bikes, built in Snap-On tool box, 30amp service to lights and outlets, air compressor, mig welder, atv lift and gear storage area:hey:
Nice set up, but I started this thread for the average tow for the average ride.

I have a 53 foot race trialer that can haul 2 race cars, a support car, 1 golf cart, 2 quads, with a 20k watt generator, enough compressor for a a crew of 7 using air tools, and enough storage to completey rebuild a race car 2 times before resupplying.
I also have a 28 foot enclosed Featherlite all aluminum trailer with everything you have.

But I still use my 8 x 8 open trailer when I go riding. Because I know it fits anywhere I want to go.:hey:


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