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In the back of the Silverado on all fours.
Second that. The 700xx likes riding in the back of the Duramax.

On the same thought, My first quad was a 660 Raptor and I had two trucks - an '86 F150 and a '77 Toyota Hilux. It was a pain to load it into the F150 because the truck had big tires, etc., but I built a little frame to fit in the back of the Toyota with a "box" that fit between the wheel wells and little ramps on the front and back. That way I could set up my drive-on ramps when the tailgate was down, drive the quad up and into the bed of the truck. When the front tires touched the front of the box, I just put it in neutral and left it there. On the back, there was 1/2" or so between the back tires and tailgate, and since the quad was sitting on those "little ramps" inside, it couldn't go anywhere (no need for a strap). I really wish I would have taken a picture of it. It was simple to do and I'd recommend it for anyone with a smaller truck (one where the quad can't fit between the wheel wells).
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