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omg -- i was so hesitant to do this, and finally said, "oh crap -- you've overthought this -- have a little FUN" --

so, last friday, i drove down to lima, ohio and picked her up --

-- an old model (2008), no tax, etc. -- nice and cheap --


-- to see precious running alongside me today on the back two acres -- PRICELESS --

-- i grinned ear to ear --

-- and then, the others --

-- i exhausted multiple dogs in 45 minutes -- now, that's pretty good -- !!

the BEST thing about it is it's fuel injected, no carburetor -- so when i run inside to swap out dogs, no stalling, no failing, etc. --

-- you might say, "why don't you just run them yourself" -- ??

well, that would take hours, and to see the little red-doggy running along, much faster than i can --

-- priceless.

i am going to row for an hour now, and while i do that, other puppers will play --

-- honestly, making them happy is a true joy of life --

-- action shots to come -- i'll need a second person though -- keeping hold of the leash and maneuvering the clutch and gas is a lot of work -- !!

so, now, for a little more than i was paying for cable a month, i've got me a canine happy-machine -- which makes me all the happier --


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HAHA. My dog doesn't need a leash, he just tries to bite the front tires, even when I do a wheelie.....the dumbest part about him. Congrats. You find some trails up there?
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