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I first wanna start off and say thanks a million to all of my friends for talking and keeping my mind of my devistating accident that took place this past april.... for helping me threw the down time and threw a few girl problems as well as threw my PT and if every thing goes as planed ill be back to work this comming weekend.

with out the posts, and the laughs and people finding cool new mods and helping me with mods and boots and .... the list goes on and on

oh and with the happy birthday that every one wished me and for not laughing about the cake my mom droped

thanks a million guys/gals

ok well once i get back to work i want to mod the brake lever, I would like to make various sized "peddles" I notice when i ride with my boots i could use the peddle to be an extra 1/2 inch longer, when i ride with shoes the peddle length is just fine.

i was going to use a ball endmill to make the peddle look like the proarmor fat peg's "teeth"

your thoughs on this mod ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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