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hello guys, i have been shopping at rocky mountin and as im here in the united kingdom i normaly get stung with custom charges and vat. well with rocky mountain i pay the vat and custom charges are included in there shipping price and the parts are with me in a few days.
what i want to know is there any other online store that offers the same shipping option option.

this is the wording from r.m for uk orders
  • We offer a simple, one-rate price to get your order shipped directly to your door. The price you see at checkout is the final price you pay.
  • No hidden charges, extra handling fees, super long delivery times or hassle. Customs fees are already included in the shipping rates below.
  • Typical ship times are 3-6 business days.
  • Your shipping rate is determined on the dollar size of your order in the table below. Your rate will be inserted at checkout.

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No, 95% of what I buy comes with handling charges and VAT.
The only way , I found to get round is for the postee to mark as "Gift".
This doesn,t always work though .

Never tried RM as I can usually get cheaper from a Ebay source
I have found RM very expensive on shipping.
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