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hey guys, as you all know i have been doing mod after mod to my quad.... and as i line all these mods up, I have been thinking about racing my xx cross country.

i have a few question i would like to ask.

how do i get started ( where do i go )

when racing somthing like the gncc are the trails made for each class ? example the pro's get pro trails, the amatures have amature trials ?

I also notice when i watch vids on you tube, ever one kick starts their quad and THEN they take off.... so where does this leave the guys with electric start ? and when racing do they have to electric start their quad and take off like the kick start guys ?

more questions to follow but tonight is my first night back to work and i wanna get their early to get settled in

thanks a million

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well i dont know what area you are in, but usually you can find something. Go to the AMA website, and they have a lot of information on races in different regions. After that, it's a matter of getting to know the different clubs and organizations who put these races... Where I race, there are many classes, but we race desert, and all run the same course...

as far as starts... electric starts and kick starts are all the same... just start your quad and GOOOOOOO!!!!!
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