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Ice for anyone?

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Coming to Tampa in Feb, with a quad class too.
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Now that looks like fun!
thats here every winter.. its very tedious putting all the ice screws in the tire treads though ... one of these bikes or quads with ice screws installed will easily outrun a quad or bike on a dirt rack...

they ride like they are on rails... was what i was debating on doing with my old razr tires before i decided to sell them on here.
Ice em down boys

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On the other side of the world......

I got in the car a few days ago it said 52 celcius........thats 125 in your measurement.

I've only have one experience with snow and I was in the US at the time.
disaster here............following the heat wave we have had the worst weekend of bush fires ever.

Over 750 houses gone and 100+ people dead!.......whole towns have been wiped from the map and it's still not over.

I'm about 10 miles from the action and have spent most of the time searching for friends and family.
Be careful out there and I hope you find everyone safe and sound.
Headding out for a big weekend of cleaning up and helping where ever I can.

Over 5000 people homeless. Over 1000 houses completly gone. And they can't count the dead...........estimated to be 300+.

U.S. & New Zealand fire fighters have arrived to give ours a rest.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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