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***IMPORTANT -- ALL forum members must read this. [LOUD NOISES]

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Nobody should be afraid to post here because they think they may be personally attacked. People are going to have different opinions and people will disagree over things -- that's fine. Disagreements can be productive and educational. The key is to disagree without making it a personal issue. If you find yourself threatening someone or calling them names then you are going to have to deal with the moderators.

I will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind and we are going to come down hard on people who engage in personal attacks. Our goal is to have a friendly, educational forum which the whole family can enjoy.

Before anyone is banned you will receive a warning from the moderators. If you ignore the warning, then you will be banned from the forum and yes....I have the technology to prevent you from getting a new email address and re registering using a different IP address. So if you value your membership here, do not throw it away lightly under the mistaken belief that you can get back in -- you can't.

If you do find yourself banned, you may contact the moderators and ask to be let back in. If you send a thoughtful and apologetic email it will be considered. Nobody will be let back in without promising that they stop the personal attacks. If you are let back in and become banned again -- that's third chance you are gone for good.

If you are unclear if something may be considered a personal attack, you can always use the notify moderator link to ask them before you make your post. We are all here to help and to help you have a wonderful experience in these forums.


If you find a post you feel is inappropriate, please click on the notify moderator icon to report the post. Be sure to describe what was wrong with the post and also tell us the forum nickname of the particular author who posted the problematic message. You need to provide enough info that we can determine which message in a thread is the bad message.

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If a member sends us a PM that is attacking...etc...can we forward it to you and assume they will be delt with in the same way as if they posted an attack on a thread?
If a member sends us a PM that is attacking...etc...can we forward it to you and assume they will be delt with in the same way as if they posted an attack on a thread?

Yes, so long as they are attacking you. I don't want an IM for every time someone disagrees, but racial slurs and pejorative comments will not be tolerated.

When in doubt let the admin's know.

I want this to be a place where adults come to discuss issues as well as have fun. We all are here for the sport we love.

Wow didnt think there were any problems like this already. I agree 100% though everyone should respect each other even if you don't think alike.
No, no huge problems, I just wanted to nip it in the bud before this started being a place where people didn't want to go.

so i take it you deleted the topic good becouse it was out of hand
Yes, upon further review it would have taken me longer to clean all the garbage out.

Thanks for the post Scuzz. Just reading it made me think of all the people that bash others because of what manufacturer they like whether it be Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, etc. and get into a personal battle because of thickheadedness and immaturity. Let's face it, you may be a Honda loyal but if you were given a raptor 700, you would love the quad. All the top manufacturers have different types of quads that excel in different areas of riding and are more appealing to different people depending on the person's taste. If any of these quads were junk there would be no market for them and the manufacturer would stop producing them. I enjoy reading why people like one quad over another or why someone is loyal to one brand over the others, but I just hate reading people bashing eachother and eachother's quads just because it is a different brand.
My thoughts exactly. Everyone makes their own choices for what fits them in their given situation. I can't fault anyone for buying what they like.

Very true. I ALWAYS wanted a raptor, but fell in love with the XX. Also, considered a Kawasaki, the 450r, and yfz450, but I really liked what the 700xx had to offer. I can't even really say that it is a better quad, but I love the quad. Sure I talk crap to people I know that own raptors, but that is all in fun and really has nothing to do with which quad is actually better nor is it a personal attack. There are still things that I like more about the raptor than the XX, and just the same there is a lot that I like about the XX more than the raptor.
wow im out of the loop, hope everything is settled.
Yep! It really wasn't a big deal, I just know how threads like that can quickly get out of hand.

It's all good.

after 91 pages of bs i im suprized it made it that far
damn what was it cause im thinking as long as everyone rides a honda there will be no licking of my testes lol

thats a joke btw ... i like motorsports and most of the people involved as long as they arent racist homophob pricks
I did my share of calling out the BS that was posted which probably wasn't the right thing to do.

Every quad has it's good points and bad. I don't think there is such a thing as the perfect quad for anyone. We find one that fits us and our style of riding and we're happy. Who isn't happy after they drop the coin for a new machine. To tell someone they have a piece of junk is insulting. I recently purchased a Honda XR650R and someone started bashing it calling it junk basically. Sorry but I'm taller so I like the larger frame bikes and I have always ridden the big bore machines. For my style and size, it's a great bike with a huge history of Baja victories. I own a classic...a bike that has more Baja victories then any other and it's last model year.

I'm here because I enjoy the sport, sharing info that helps others out and talking about various rides we do...
Me too.

<---- 6'6" 260 lbs.

Also, it's easy to get carried away...and no infractions were given or anything like that, it was just time to move on.

I honestly like everyone here a great deal and appreciate their input.

Me too.

<---- 6'6" 260 lbs.
One word brother... Nitrous!
any chance this has any thing to do with me ?
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