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Hello guys,
As most of you know i had a crap fitting ims fuel tank. And after zero help from ims i removed my tank from my 700xx. And sat looking at it for a few days thinking shall i just put it in the garbage. So i got to the point where i thought i cant make this tank any worse, And was willing to melt my tank so i went an got my mums hair dryer but this only got the tank warm. I needed more heat so i went and got a hot paint stripper gun. And started to get the tank hot in fact i found out you need the get the tank very very very hot so the plastic looks like sticky tar. I found out now i could mould the plasic easy, But i had to hold it in possion because it would go back to its origanal shape. so i worked on areas i thought was the problem. Till i fanaly got things fitting a lot better. I have not yet fitted the pet cock to the tank but lets face it if it dose not fit in the origanal hole im willing to cut the lot away, as (down is main and up is reserve)
the 2 remaining J clips on the nose cone still dont fit in place but the fit is way better now than it ever did. (still a bit of modding to do)
my seat clips into the seat mounts on the tank and onto the quad without a fight. and the seat fits as good as the stock tank.
here are a few photos of the fit now.

front left (where hump was)

front right

seat fit right

seat fit left

seat center

headlight right side

headlight left side

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wow... erm mine fit perfect, and so has every other one I have heard about... But power to you for haveing the balls to modify something like that.
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