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So glad I found this site! I saw some of you did the race in the Desert and it sounds awesome. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to get a 700xx race ready? I'm a new owner and would love to get into racing but not sure where to start. Also where is there to ride in Maryland/VA area?
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You usually need a resume to send out. The first year I started racing, I didn't really have one or any experience for that matter. I just wrote out a letter explaining my plans, goals, and why I would be an asset to their company. After you get some races in, you have more to show, and usually means that companies will help you out a bit more. Sponsorships usually land you parts only, unless your crazy good, and find a sponsor who will cover most of your costs... BTW, I race the D38 series in SoCal... first race of the season is this Sunday...

just in case you want to check it out....
Thanks... that one was at the beginning of the year. We are into our 5th one on May 2nd...
You guys should come to the west coast and run some.
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