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barely used innovate lm-1 with rpm kit inductive clamp and case

Finally, there's a tool that carburetor and fuel injection fans can share--Innovative Technology's LM-1 with rpm converter wideband air/fuel ratio monitors. The fully digital monitors take the guesswork out of tuning by delivering the exact air/fuel ratio instead of just reading rich or lean, and they're self-calibrating to give you accurate readings. The LM-1 with rpm converters measure data 12 times per second for up to 44 minutes. The data can be downloaded to a PC with the included serial cable and software so you can graph multiple sessions. Instead of spending hours tweaking and tuning your carburetor, use the LM-1 with rpm converters to get the information you need, tune your carb, and be done. Tuning a fuel injection system involves many variables, but the optional auxiliary-input cable provides up to 5 simultaneous readings for a more complete view of an engine system's performance. For example, you can measure and graph specific air/fuel ratios in relation to rpm, MAF, MAP, TPI, and more. The LM-1 with rpm converter kits include a Bosch wideband oxygen sensor and cable, cigarette lighter power adapter, serial cable for PC, 9 V battery, exhaust bung and plug, rpm converter, quick-start guide, and a CD with software and manual.

asking 320 shipped

email is [email protected] its easier to respond from my phone

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