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Not near the stock bar. Move the Rincon bar and you will see what I mean. Like I said, just off the top of my head it was wider, it may have been a bit longer as well from frame attachment back. As cheap as you can get a L8ton now, that is the way to go IMO. Go ahead and give the Rincon bar a shot though, I lost ambition when I drove my Rincon without it and realized I was going to have to buy a bar anyways. I might have stuck with it if I had a parts Rincon to rob a sway bar off of. If I remember right, you can mock it up for fit without any bushings in the holders. That reminds me, it was so big that you would need to make new holders if you wanted a bushing in it. Which you would want or you would have some serious rubbage.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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