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Interchangeable Parts for the 700xx

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I think it would be neat to have a list of parts that are interchangeable on the 700xx and other quads like the 450r.

I come from a GM GenIII/GenIV Background where the heads, cams, intakes are all interchangeable for the most part and what their effects are.

Something similar to the front sprocket on a 450r is the same as our front sprocket and directly interchangeable. Or nerf bars for a 450r fit a 700xx. Something that might open up some more mods that noone has tested yet.
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Do the 450r nerf bars fit the 700xx? That is very good news if true! A set of blingstar nerf bars with heel guard for the 450r would look good on my 700xx
That might be a hard one, no? As far as cosmetics, the geometry on 450, 400, 700xx are very different... at least, that's what I've been told
My 450r nerf bars would not fit the T-ReX
Front brake rotors are the same
Brake block off is the same
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