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Since I have both programmers on my quad (only one connected at any given time though) I was wondering why my settings according to Two Brothers' dyno page only made my quad run worse when their instruction page said otherwise.

As a result of my confusion I reached out to Two Brothers' customer service. I ended up working with Keith, who was super friendly and prompt with his replies. He said that the numbers listed for the dyno run were before the software was optimized and then reloaded onto the juiceboxes sold. So yes, use the ones with the instructions and not the ones listed for their dyno. Here are Keith's words:

You have a keen eye to notice the settings on the Dyno graph are not the same as the ones in the instructions. Well, actually they are. When we do our dyno testing we just adjust the LEDs to the position that works best, then once we find them we "recenter" the range of adjustment to bring the optimal setting back to the middle of the range, or around LED 4. As you can see the settings on the Dyno are very high in the LED range, close to 8, which is the maximum setting. If we left them there you, the customer/tuner, would not have any more room to add more fuel if you so desire. So we "recenter" the ranges to the middle of the LED bar so that you can go up or down from there, to your liking. The actual fuel amounts are the same after we recenter the ranges. For example: the 8th LED is equivalent to 100% of the range. If the Range is 20% fuel then you are adding 20% fuel. If we increase the range to 40% fuel and then select LED 4 or 50% of the range, the actual fuel added is 20%, just like LED 8 on a range of 20%. I hope that was clear. We have control of all the variables with our software so we try to setup the ranges so they are easy to use by the end user.
Also unplugging the programmer does not clear out any monkeying around that you may have done; you have to go in and change it yourself.

They also do not create any PCIII maps...


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scuzz, i realize you might not have this controller any longer, but did you ever find a "sweet spot" setting on this programmer that was good for all around trail ridding, if so, could you pass it along? It seems like you could program/test this thing all day long.
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