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Introducing the "Color Shop"

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I just made this today for you guys, should come in handy now with aftermarket plastics becoming available. I may add to it in the future, but I hope you can enjoy it for now. :tup:
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haha i did the orange first. VERY sick. I've got matte black vinyl in my shop right now, gonna try to lay it out this week.

I like the rear fenders being the same color as the top plastic piece!
maier already has plastics avalible
Yep, that's why I made it, so you can see what they would look like on the quad before you make a purchase. :D
but you should be able to change the 14 peices in stead of two
I may add to it in the future

But don't count on being able to change the color of that many pieces, there's just wayyy too many different possible combinations...unless you'd like to give it a try... :D

I'll probably give the option to change the seat color also very soon.
Thank you for doing that; it's very cool.

i would setle for 7 since you only see half i would be happy to except im computer illiterate but it does kick [email protected]#
Wheel options?

These are out now

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Don't get to excited, look at the bolt pattern listed for the rear wheel its 4/110 which will not work on the XX.
Don't get to excited, look at the bolt pattern listed for the rear wheel its 4/110 which will not work on the XX.
I noticed that and emailed them. The feature on the site is just being constructed and they're aware of the wrong info. They have a 11" in the works but are going to offer a 10" with the correct offset. They also have a 11" tire in the works.
i wanna see green please!
i wanna see green please!
OK, so I was going to post a picture of the color "green" as a joke and came across this picture. I wish it was this green here.

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Mine is red and black already changed the seat just wasnt feeling a red seat.... now if you could do purple or hot pink....that would be me:)

it is the fav color. think im gonna get all new plastics for just at the dunes and throw down a little something like this they can be twins.:hey:
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Heres a few more Scuzz,

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I like where the exhaust exits out. Nice truck.

Back on topic though. ( I might merge your posts with a car/truck thread later)

can u add colors??? i no the lime green looks bad ass
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