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introduction section

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we need an introduction section ...
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Hi I'm Gary; 38. Happily Married.

3 kids 6, 4 and 2.

2 dogs.

I like long rides in the sand with friends and not getting stuck.

Chris, 23 on Sunday.

I work for an electric company as Project Engineer and am working on my Construction Engineering Degree.

Omaha, NE

I think getting stuck is half the fun.
Copying Gary, I have 2 dogs as well. Siberian Husky and Great Dane.
Damian, 29 two wonderful kids, Bipolar G/F and a pure bred hybrid mut (poppi-pu)
I work on a Oil & Gas Platform in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Jennings La
my name is jon im 28 soon to be married one son two pure bred apbt im a certified motorcycle atv repair tech originaly from salt lake city ut
I'm pretty sure all of my gf's have been bi-polar. Thank god for quads so I can get away!
well ... i said that cause i generally message the "newest member" and welcome them and they always ask me where the introduction section is or the cant find the introduction section.
I'm Adam... I just turned 31
I am NOT married ... too many bipolar g/f's in the past have made me bipolar
I am still recovering from the effects of a broken neck...
Retired ... 2 dogs .. a basset hound and boston terrier
a g/f who dragraces street bikes with me
and of course a trx700xx, 250ex, and a zx14 that goes zoom
08 Acura MDX with all the goodies
09 Acura TL awd with all the goodies as well

oh i have superpowers
Hi guys,
I'm Alex
Married with 1 daughter and one grandson,(my excuse to get into quads he's 2yr.)
living in Las Vegas, Computer System Analyst for the Air Force.
one beautiful long haired german shephard.(who gets car sick).
I fly giant scale RC aircraft and helis.

So your GF is bipolar?
Yea. She's awesome though but her moods can swing like tarzan at times. I've found sex with bipolar chics is usually best to though lol (just so happen my ex-wife was bipolar too)... Werd
and they always ask me where the introduction section is
This is it! :D

Aren't all girls bi-polar...I'm pretty sure they come from the factory like that. :lmao:
True True
New Guy here from Oklahoma, Patrick, 34, single, aircraft mechanic, and suspect my GF is BiPolar. I bought my '08 700xx a couple of weeks ago and have about 3 hours on it. My only other ATV was a '04 400ex. As of now I sure do miss the solid rear axle, haven't stiffened the rear of the 700 yet though.
I plan on going to "Little Sahara" in OK in the Spring and Colorado in the Summer. I'm curious to see how the 700xx will perform at high elevation.
Hi. I'm Jason 34 from Greenville, SC. Just joined this site. Got my 700xx about a month ago and love it!!
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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