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LA Dunes

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Hey guys, im heading to LA dunes in forest hill friday wondering if anybody is interested in meeting up to do some ridding.
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bahhh... Got a bike I can ride lol
what a bust, i loaded up my bike this morning and headed for Forest Hill to do some ridding at LA Dunes, the whole way up there it was cloudy and even in some places i got rained on. Then i get to the dunes and pay my entrance fee and go to get back in the truck and it won't start. so no i figure out something is wrong with my truck most likley the battery cuase once its running everything works fine. the guy at the gate tells me there is a hill i can park inside the dunes so i can still start my truck, thank God i drive 5spd manual. so i decide i'll go ahead and park on the hill, now i can't find the key to my bike, i searched high and low all over the truck all over the bike and on the ground around the truck, nothing. so im really pissed about whats goin on, and decide im not staying and head back home. When i get back home it ends up being a beautiful day the sun is shinning, the truck starts fine, and i found the key laying in my driveway. something tells me i wasn't supposed to ride today.
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Wow, that really, really sucks. I always keep a backup key in my riding bag that has my helmet, gloves and whatnot *just* for that reason.

Dont ya just love days like that? :steamed:
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