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Hey guys!

Brand new to the 700xx. Just picked up a like new condition (Claimed 50hrs) for 2600$ cash. This thing is a monster compared to my 400ex that i am upgrading from. I've been ready on this site for a few weeks and this is what lead me to seek out a 700xx.

Anyway, ill get to the point.

Here are my mods:

13t front sprocket
HMF Performance Slip on
Uni Foam Filter
Lexx EFI controller Gen 3
Airbox lid on???

The airbox is up in the air for me. I've read mixed reviews on what uit actually does, and i ride in too much sand to not have the lid on.

May upgrade to a EHS Lids soon.

Anyway, with what i have now, what do you guys suggest i set my 6 modes to? and what do you guys really think about Lid vs no Lid vs EHS lid

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