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Cesar- I'm pretty sure thats me in that last pic but it could be you. No one would ever know with all that mud covering us!

This was an interesting race. Kind of reminded Wayne and I why we like racing in the desert....theres no mud!

This course was set up kind of like a GNCC course through the trees with mud, ruts, whoops, rocks, nowhere to pass and included some in-field jumps for the spectators to watch. They also had water running down an area the course followed the creek with a little dam build at the end to create a nice mud bog for the racers to try and get through.

This was not a points race for District-38 so our goal was just to go have some fun and try something new. We took Wayne's Best-in-the-Desert Vegas to Reno bike to race. This bike hadn't been touched since the race and still had the Nevada dust on it.

Wayne entered the single race to get some practice laps in because he had not been to the track before. I had stopped by two weeks earlier to check it out. During the single race Wayne ran a few laps and then pulled off to save the quad. In that race there was a rider on a Yamaha 450 set up for Mx who was running away with it and had a big lead before his throttle cable broke. We knew he would be tough to beat in the team race.

For the team race I started and ended up 3rd after the first turn behind the Yamaha 450 and Jeff Hoskins on a 700xx. I chased Jeff for awhile before getting by him on the first lap. The Yamaha already had pulled a big lead and didn't have to deal with no visablity due to all the mud getting thrown everywhere by the tires. I pushed hard and was able to catch the Yamaha mid way through the 2nd lap and rode his bumper (literally :D I now owe Wayne a new front bumper! Opps!) all the way to the finish line where I would hand the bike to Wayne. The Yamaha also changed riders at the same time and Wayne took off trying to beat him to the first turn. The Yamaha was able to edge him out because he had the inside line but Wayne stayed on him and soon made the pass for the lead. From that point on we were able to start pulling away.

As I was coming in after my second ride we noticed the bike was over-heating. A quick check confirmed the radiator was completly covered with mud not allowing the bike to cool. This happened when chasing down the other racers and then the mud would dry because of the 95*+ heat during the race. We decided to pull off and not risk ruining the bike because it wasn't for points.

The Yamaha now had the lead but not for long. Jeff Hoskins riding an ex-Matlock 700xx was able to chase them down and take the lead with Scott Plunkett. They pulled away from the pack and took the win.

We were able to do what we wanted and that was to prove the 700xx is the fastest quad out there. We had some tough competition against 450's and even some KTM 525's but the 700xx works so good it was able to lead the pack.
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