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Ive been planning on doing this for a while just hadnt gotten around to it.

So let me start by saying I have not had an offroad anything as an adult, so it had been decades since I had one. We bought quads about 8 months ago.

We live in Vegas and had been riding some of the desert trails just outside of town. We really didnt care for them because they were rocky and dusty. Just beat you up. So I started looking around. I really didnt have much interest in sand dunes. I wanted more trail riding. I came across this site

and Logandale specifically.
It was exactly what we were looking for. Hilly trails that kept things interesting. Even the dirt had enough sand in it to keep things less dusty and where it wouldnt beat you up. It has some flat track where you can fly, and it has a small dune area with a pretty good extended sand racing trails. Even when you head further out in the desert its sandy enough to keep it from being hardpack.

My wife and I really like this place. It has free camping. A couple of bathrooms. Variety in terrain, and experience levels. The site I linked has info on the area and a video
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