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looking good club!

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I haven't been around in a couple weeks (been without internet service) but I see a lot of new names hanging around. I know there must be much more than 50-something XX owners in the world. Spread the word people, I've been doing so on a couple other forums I frequent. We need to build this up! :yay:
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For some reason they arent selling alot of them yet. I say by next year's model we'll see a big increase in sales and the forum should get alot busier. I like this place alot as well, best place for XX info on the web. :tup:
Thanks for the enthusiasm guys! :tup:

Your right I think it will pick up after the first year or so, then more people should be picking up new XX's. A lot of people hold off on first year new models.

If you can spread the word, great, but just be respectful of other sites, as some owners may not like that.

Thanks again! :tup:
Ive Told A Few, Dont Know If They Joined Yet Or Not. Love This Place!

It Will Get Even Better.
It will take time...It's a small market of the ATV owners that ride big bore sport quads. You might want to try share some of your 700xx stories and pictures on sites that are non-brand focused...ATVNation is one that comes to mind. Another one that comes to mind too is Quadzone but they are more about racing... Most site owners are all about sharing information and pretty cool with it. Again like Admin said, be respectful and you should have too much trouble with spreading the word.
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