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I remember one year my buddy which rides a Honda 600 dirt bike were riding the Paiute trail in Utah and we were crusing around 30 mph and all of a sudden my right front dug into the dirt and I was flying off the bike and saw a big tree getting closer and closer so at the last second I turn in flight and miss the tree, after that I sat down and took a deep breath while waiting for my buddy to turn around and noticed that my lower a-arm was disconnected from the wheel hub and could not fix it. My buddy finally showed up and told him the story and we laugh for awhile.
We were about 25 miles in the woods so forget getting help, we ended up tying the lower a-arm to the upper a-arm with a tie down strap and cruised back at a very slow speed, well! most of the time, my buddy thought that I was going too fast which I was but wanted to get back to our campground before sunset, had to restrap it a couple of times during the trip but made it home safely. The funniest part is that it took my buddy about 10 minutes before turning back, he used to race when he was younger so he never looks back and normally I'm usually right on his tail.
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